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Becoming a member

The qualification of Special Economic Zone members is carried out by the Economic and Production Sectorial Council. SEZ is interested in receiving members that comply with the authorized typologies of the SEZ (industrial and techonological based companies). Members shall submit a project for qualification, complying with requirements established in the Organic Code of Production. Member qualification project will be filed by ZEDE Administrator.

Companies interested in been part of ZEDE del Litoral shall develop investments destined to new products and services generation, mainly for exporting.

Photo Credit: danielfoster437 - Flickr via Compfight
Photo Credit: - Flickr via Compfight

Qualification process

  1. Review elegibility of your business project with ZEDE's administrators.
  2. Member shall prepare application and documents for qualification, in terms of Qualification Guide (see link below).
  3. Administrator filing application to Economic and Production Sectorial Council for approval.

ZEDE's administrators can offer temporary office spaces, facilities and support for the preparatory activities of the companies interested in settling at its zone.

Download the general requirements