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We offer several advantages for your business

On ZEDE del Litoral, you will have several benefits going from tax reduction and preferential treatment on public processes
ZEDE del Litoral is associated with the best public university on the country: ESPOL. It can provide specialized people on different areas like biotechnology, information techonology, renewable and alternative energies and others for your business innovation and development.
At ZEDE del Litoral, we offer several services such as counseling, management, monitoring and others. With the services we offer, we expect to help the incoming and established business on their path for consolidation. Business established at ZEDE del Litoral can opt for credit from the NFC (National Financial Corporation)
The business that are established on ZEDE del Litoral will have benefits from administrative processes like reduction on tax and fees payments. Guayaquil's municipality will also offer exclusive attention services for all business established at ZEDE del Litoral.
Special economic zones established on Ecuador have several benefits by law (COPCI, LORTI, Código Ingenios) such as tax excemption for wages, tax reduction for IRS, exception on fees related with external commerce for equipment and materials to use for development and investigation and others.

We are located on a strategic position on South America

One of the most important ports of Ecuador

Guayaquil is the most inhabitated city in the country with more than 2.6 million people. The city has important influence on the commercial, financial, political, cultural and entertainement areas on Ecuador.
Guayaquil is the most important commercial port of Ecuador and one of the most important ports on the Pacific coast of Latin America.
The city offers a great hotel infraestructure and also serves as a hub for nearby tourist destinations. The current airport had been awarded as the best airport in Latin America and the Caribbean and the world for the 2-5 million passengers category. The city also has the headquarters of 39% of the 1000 most important business on the country.
Establishing on Guayaquil is easy and the city have a lot of oportunities for development. It has the best public university on the country and a lot of facilities for newcomers.
The city can be visited at any time of the year since it does not have the four seasons thanks to its location near the Equator. It only have a rainy season (from December to April) and a dry season (from May to November). The weather varies from 21°C to 31°.

Privileged location in the city

Guayaquil is always improving

Guayaquil has interest on expanding its commercial business so the city is working on a new intercontinental airport and deepwater port.
Compared to other SEZ around the world, ZEDE del Litoral is located inside the city. If you are coming to ZEDE del Litoral for a visit or for business, you can settle on populated zones.
José Joaquín de Olmedo airport is near ZEDE del Litoral location. You can arrive in 20 minutes by car. By 2024, a new airport is expected to operate at Daular. The new airport is expected to have runways that can withstand intercontinental aircraft.
Guayaquil's port is 30 minutes away from ZEDE del Litoral driving by the highway and 45 minutes away to the Deepwater Port in Posorja that will open on 2019.