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The moment of the placement of the foundation stone

Placement of the foundation stone in ZEDE del Litoral

With the presence of Eva García, Industries and productivity minister, ESPOL authorities and other representatives of public and private entities, the foundation stone was place at ZEDE de Litoral. This stone is the beginning of the VIBAG's reagent plant costruction. Sergio Flores, ZEDE's CEO, stated that this event is historical for the city and the region: "I'm convinced that the only way for development and productive transformation is by innovation and having a competitive products at local, nacional and global levels"

VIBAG operation manager, Diego Moya, extended his gratitude to ESPOL and other public entities that made this project possible. Minister Eva García said that this stone symbolizes a starting point of growth and better opportunities for the national industry. The  MIPRO compromises by offering support to all business who want to become more competitive and comply with international standards.