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The best public university on Ecuador


The Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, ESPOL, is one the most iconic universities in Ecuador with 60 years of experience. ESPOL is an institution devoted to developing scientific research in different areas. Its history testifies to its commitment to quality and innovation, both in development and in the academic sphere. The university main research areas are agriculture, animal production, climate, environment, education, communication, alternative and renewable energy, enviromental management and industrial technology.

Associated investigation centers

ESPOL offers several investigation centers in order to help companies establish themselves at ZEDE del Litoral. Some of them are listed below.


Information Technology Center

The CTI has established 4 research programs that conduct investigations among several impact lines of Information Computer Tecnology - ICT. These programs develop real projects that combine new technologies, multi-disciplinary participation and the different human dimensions of technology.


National Center for Aquaculture and Marine Research

CENAIM is a marine and aquaculture investigation center. CENAIM's main focus is on the study of shrimp, mostly on health and disease diagnostics and control. 


Center for biotechnological research of Ecuador

The research done at CIBE covers areas like plant tissue culture, molecular biology of plants and microorganism, genetic improvement of plant species, adaptation of banana varieties, as well as the study and control of diseases of different crops such as banana, banana, cocoa and coffee, with special emphasis on black Sigatoka, Monilia, and virosis in general. Organic amendments are studied and characterized in production systems friendly to the environment. 


Center for Research, Development and Innovation of Computational Systems

It is an R + D + i center that carries out scientific and technological research aimed at solving specific problems within its fields of application in: agriculture, manufacturing, transport, telecommunications and intelligent constructions; developing systems that integrate hardware and software.


Center for Water and Sustainable Development

The CADS focuses on the integral management of water resources, through the development of decision-making support tools for the management of drainage basins.


Center for Renewable and Alternative Energy

The objective of this center is research, innovation and development in science and engineering applied to optimal use of renewable natural resources, with a view to satisfying the needs of the country in the development of the energy sector, convertiing electricity into a source for production and welfare to improve the quality of life of ecuadorian people.