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Sergio Flores, Stella Li y Santiago León

MIPRO, BYD Auto and ESPOL signed memorandums to boost ZEDE del Litoral

On May 8, several memorandums were signed at ESPOL. The first one was between ESPOL and BYD Auto, a chinese automobile manufacturer. Sergio Flores, ZEDE's president; Chunxiang Zhang, BYD Auto representative and Stella Li, global vicepresident established a strategic alliance that will favour the work at ZEDE del Litoral on technology transference and disaggregation and also to work with ESPOL's faculty and research centers.

The second memorandum was signed between the Ecuadorian goverment on behalf of the Industries and Productiviry Ministery (MIPRO) and ESPOL. The ministery compromises to offer taxation facilities and coordination with public and private entities while BYD Auto establishes their 100% electrical bus factory valued at $60 million dollarss. This factory will supply local demand, surrounding countries and Central America starting at 300 buses annually. National business manager at BYD Auto, Jorge Burbano, mentions that this investment will use local providers on its production line and will create 900 jobs.

Santiago Leon, MIPRO's representative, stated that ZEDE del Litoral is a good place to start this project that is complemented with ESPOL's specialized professionals.