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  • Techno park

    ESPOL propose to important science, market and goverment entities to create the Techno Park, as an important initiative for the coast development.


  • Guayas Siglo XXI

    ESPOL and Guayaquil authorities creates a document "Guayas Siglo XXI", in which they detail a new vision of regional development.

  • VLIR

    With several european universities, the VLIR program was established. One of its goals is the creation of several research centers. To comply with this goal, ESPOL created "Parque del Conocimiento" (Knowledge Park) as a reference for regional research, development and innovation. This lasted 10 years.

  • Creation of SEZ on ESPOL's strategic plans

    ESPOL includes  the creation of a SEZ inside its campus as reference for academic - industry cooperation on its strategic plan.


  • Search for financial support to the WB and IADB

    ESPOL is looking for financial support to the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank to strengthen research in its Faculties and in PARCON to better contribute to the R & D & I ecosystem in the region. The coastal region is expected to be a reference for innovation.

  • Request for ZEDE's creation

    ESPOL presents the Sectoral Council of Production the request for the creation of a Special Economic Development Zone (ZEDE) with all supporting documents.

  • Creation Of The Management Company

    ESPOL's Polytechnic Council authorized the creation the management company for ZEDE del Litoral.

  • Zone's authorization

    The Sectoral Council for Production establishes that ZEDE del  Litoral will function on an extension of 200 ha at Guayaquil canton, Guayas Province with activities related to technology and industrial diversification.  (Resolution CSP-2017-02EX-03).

  • Polytechnic Council gives the administrator 20 years for operation

    The Polytechnic Council gives ZEDE del Litoral administrator permits to operate by 20 years (renewable) for activities related to technology transference and disaggregation, innovation and diversification operations.



  • Authorization to the administrator ADMINZEDELITORAL S.A.

    The Minister of Industries and Productivity in charge resolved: To authorize as administrator of the Economic Development Zone of the Litoral the company Administrator Zede del Litoral ADMINZEDELITORAL S.A. through ministerial agreement No. 18-162

  • Beginning of operations

    The company Administrator Zede del Litoral ADMINZEDELITORAL S.A. begins its national and international promotion activities to promote entrepreneurship, regional development and constant innovation.