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Frequently Asked Questions

The Special Zones of Economic development are a customs destination in delimited spaces in the Ecuadorian territory for new investments.
There exists:
  • Technology transfer and disaggregation and innovation activities
  • Industrial diversification operations
  • Development of logistics services
  • Can be found in:
  • Organic Code of the Social Economy of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation [Ingenios Code]
  • Organic Code of Production, Trade and Investment [COPCI]
  • Organic Law on Internal Tax Regime
  • Reform Law for Equitable Taxation of Ecuador
  • Organic Law for Productive Development and the Municipal Ordinance of the Canton of Guayaquil: Tax incentive for investments in the Special Economic Development Zones (ZEDE) and in the Development Centers for Productive Activities.
  • Administrators must:
  • Be responsible for the entry and exit of all merchandise used to comply with authorized processes for operators
  • To be interconnected electronically, online, with the customs authority so that customs has the facility to verify at any time the movements of inventories of operators and administrators
  • Grant all authorizations for entry and exit of goods that do not constitute merchandise used in processes authorized to the operators, as well as the goods that are entered by the providers of support or support services
  • Authorizing goods or nationalized goods destined to the use or consumption of the operators
  • Present the customs declaration of importation for consumption at the SENAE district address
  • Track the waste according to the procedures and control mechanisms according to the information provided by the operators and keep a record in your computer system of control over authorized domain transfers
  • The ZEDE del Litoral offers consulting services on legal, customs and tax issues; member approval process; building permits; human talent management; business intelligence; market analysis; project management and training and continuing education.
    The term of operations is 20 years extendable.
    The amount of square meters that fits the needs of each operator from 1000 m2.
    Depending on the needs of the operator, the Administrator of ZEDE del Litoral will direct the corresponding contact with the research centers of ESPOL.